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Wild+ Invisible Acne Patch -

Wild+ Invisible Acne Patch -

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  • The smart way to handle pimples overnight.

    Say goodbye to skin blemishes.

    These small, translucent, and fast-acting acne patches actively absorb a developing blemish or an already-present pimple. 

    The sticker-like hydrocolloid acts as a protective cover over the treated area to make the blemish visibly smaller in less than one day.


    Easy application.

     Just cleanse the area and apply one patch over the area that requires treatment. Remove the micro dart after 8 hours and then cleanse the area and apply another patch, if required.


    The pimple patches are made with a clean alcohol-free formula and do not contain harmful chemicals, and are cruelty-free and vegan. 

    They cause zero pain but are also strong enough to stay on through the night and can be worn under makeup.

    Suitable for all skin types.

    The blemish spot treatment patch is suitable for all skin types: Dry, oily, normal, and combination. 

    Wild+ Acne Patch is safe, gentle, and non-irritating for all ages and skin types. Made of plant-based hydrocolloid – a natural fluid-absorbing gel – it’s chemical-free, medical-grade, allergy tested, and great for sensitive skin.

    Blemish clearing has never been this easy and stress-free! 

    Results in 6-12 hours. 

    Just stick the patch on and chill (or sleep). Peel it off when it turns white. Voila: Noticeably smaller, flatter zit.

    Don’t pop. Patch your zit.

    This acne patch effortlessly gets the gunk out in just 6-8 hours, while shielding skin against scabs and scarring caused by popping zits.

    *Pack of 36 or 72One pack contains 36 or 72 face blemish patches designed and developed for effective acne spot treatment.

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