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Silicone Spring Knee Protection Sleeve

Silicone Spring Knee Protection Sleeve

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  • Looking for the perfect knee sleeve that can give you protection, comfortable fit and stays on regardless of how active you are?

    Stabilize your knees and experience full freedom of movement. 

    Silicone Spring Knee Protection Sleeve works effective knee compression for mild knee pain, effectively minimize discomfort arthritis and control swelling.

    It's made from quick absorbing and odor-free material, so you can continuously use it for hours. What's special bout this fabric is its three-dimensional braiding that can retain more heat that mostly helps in blood circulation around the knee area. 

    This is also knee-customized bearing 360 degrees curve which hugs perfectly and enables non-slippage on the joint part. Along this, the center part bears a soft neoprene knee buffer which gives higher degree of compression. This is ideal to protect and prevent harsh impact on your knees during exercises and other activities.  

    Guarding on each side, this knee sleeve features two spring strips that stabilizes the medial & lateral ligaments to prevent your knees from giving away.


    ✔ Non-slip & Long Lasting: Quality made from quality materials

    ✔ Supports joint and muscle recovery

    ✔ Relief arthritis, and mild knee pain

    ✔ Improves blood circulation, and stimulates oxygen airflow to the muscles

    ✔ Minimizes injury with optimal muscle support

    ✔ Comfortable wear from day to night

    ✔ Eliminates unpleasant smell

    Measure your knee circumeference and find your size with this guide.


    Get the excellent support for your knees from these support sleeves. Choose the right size for you.

    S (Suitable for Leg circumference: 36-40 cm / 14 -16 inch)

    M (Suitable for Leg circumference: 40-44 cm / 16 -17 inch)

    L (Suitable for Leg circumference: 44-48 cm / 17-19 inch)

    XL (Suitable for Leg circumference: 48-52 cm / 19-20.5 inch)

    XXL (Suitable for Leg circumference: 52-56 cm / 20.5-22 inch)



    1pc x Knee Brace Compression Sleeve

    With Silicone Spring Knee Protection Sleeve, head on to every challenge life throws at you. Get this advance knee protection that stays with you.

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