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Miracle Hair Detangler Brush

Miracle Hair Detangler Brush

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  • You need a Brush that works like Magic.

    Either you or your kids have long or medium-length hair, and the process of gently detangling each knot can become almost frustrating.

    You spend hours trying to get your daughter's long hair brushed.

    No matter how gentle you are when brushing, it is the same scenario every single day.

    There's the battle between brush and hair, and tears shed.

    But you've just found the way to stop being in this loop.

    Miracle Hair Detangler features its natural soft boar bristles. 

    It effectively distributes hair oils from the root to the tip of your hair that enables you to detangle your hair instantly.

    Product Features

    Bristle and nylon comb head:

    The comb head is made of bristle and nylon, easier to clean.

    Arched comb head:

    Arched design, elegant appearance.

    Massage function:

    Round hair teeth can massage your head, promoting your hair growth.

    Soft handle:

    Its handle is made of rubber, softer and more comfortable.

    Non-slip design:

    Non-slip design makes it convenient to hold.


    Save time and energy.

    Help yourself get ready to face the day without the struggle from your hair.

    For all types of hair, Miracle Hair Detangler Brush is the way to:

    No more tangled hair problems.


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