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Makeup Removal Puff

Makeup Removal Puff

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    Makeup wipes are the Third Most Wasteful product in the world! 1.3 Billion makeup wipes are being tossed away each and every single day and a big part of them will end up in the ocean! It will take 100 years for each wipe to break down, meanwhile, they can put many Animal's Lives In Danger!

    Use our Reusable Makeup Pad Without Any Guilt caused by unnecessary contribution to the Earth's pollution, while keeping your face cleaner and healthier than with the use of conventional makeup wipes.

    Be Proud of Yourself! Up to 5% of your purchase goes towards cleaning up the oceans from massive amounts of trash and saving trapped animals!

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    We are now partnered with Clear Blue Oceans in our mutual goal of eliminating trash from the oceans!


    • Remove ALL of your makeup Effortlessly and Without Any Pain with the addition of only warm water.
    • Easily clean your face without any Chemicals that could Irritate and Damage your skin.
    • Prevent Acne and Hyperpigmentation caused by the harsh chemicals inside the conventional makeup removal wipes.
    • Minimize your contribution to Pollution!

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    Traditional wipes only smear makeup all over your face and leave a large amount of product stuck in your pores that will cause Permanent Skin Damage!

    Our Reusable Makeup Remover reaches Deep Into The Skin Pores picking up all the impurities leaving it flawless.

    Reusable Makeup Removal Puff

    How To Use:

    Reusable Makeup Removal Puff

    • Run the Makeup Removal pad under the warm water, for the stronger effect you can use your favorite face wash.
    • Wipe your makeup off without putting too much pressure on the skin, let our product do all the heavy lifting for you.
    • Once one side of the pad is used, flip to the other side and wipe again!
    • After your face is free of makeup, simply wash your dirty pad with soap and warm water, or just throw it in the washer with the rest of your clothes.
    • Do Not dry the Reusable Makeup Removal pad in the dryer, just let air dry.
    • Ready To Use Again!
    • We Highly Recommend Getting 3 Or More Pads! 
    • We Are Going To Recycle Them For You!
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