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Cleansing Green Tea Clay-Stick

Cleansing Green Tea Clay-Stick

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  • Quick & easy way to moisturize your face

    Whether you're out for the day or inside your home working, your skin can get dry or oily.

    But you only realize it at the end of the day. It's the least of our priorities during the day.

    With this, the Green Tea Facial Stick is created.

    To give you the convenience you need.

    So you can always tend to your skin in any situation.

    The green tea solid cleansing mask contains green tea extract, which can effectively clean the skin pores, deeply clean up skin dirt, adjust the skin's water and oil balance, replenish skin moisture, and nourish the skin.

    Green Tea Purifying Clay Face Mask adopts the design of rotating head, which is more convenient to use and not easy to dirty hands.

    It also features fine and smooth texture, so it's easy to spread on your skin.


    • Moisturize + Brightens

      Green tea clay face masks penetrate deep within your pores to absorb excess oil and give your skin a thorough, gentle cleanse that it deserves. Green tea mask stick softens and brightens your skin with rich hydration, in addition to cleansing.

    • Balance + Nourish

      Green clay face mask contains green tea extracts and natural plant essence to nourish and balance the skin's deep layers. These powerful components help to balance your skin's oil production, remove surface pollutants, and brighten your natural complexion!

    • For All Skin Types

      Oily skin should use it twice a week, and dry skin should use it once to twice a week. This Green tea mask stick specifically on the T-zone is recommended for combination skin. After briefly cleansing your face, apply the creamy mask evenly to your face. Wait 15 minutes for the mask to harden and dry before removing it with warm water.

    • 100% Natural Ingredients

      Green tea mask’s essential ingredients include organic aloe leaf juice, organic olive fruit oil, jojoba seed oil, rooibos leaf extract, hyaluronic acid, and multivitamins, among others. The first step to restoring healthy facial skin is to use nutrients that you can trust.
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