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Catgirl Flick Dual-End Eyeliner

Catgirl Flick Dual-End Eyeliner

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  • Stamp and swipe for grand eyes!

    Creating cat-eye is never easy if you are using a normal eyeliner tip, you are gonna go crazy in making them look the same but they never would! We now have the Catgirl Flick Dual-End Eyeliner to solve your makeup problem. Stamp & Draw once, and you will have the most perfect flick ever!


    • Perfect Flick:
      With our specially designed heads, you can get the prettiest flick with just 2 steps.

    • All-In-One Design:
      Dual-end design with stamp and eyeliner in one, smart & convenient.

    • Eye Lifting:
      Instantly lift your eyes up like magic by just having the cat-girl flick.

    • Long Lasting:
      Lasts for at least 12 hours so you can still go partying after work.
    • Easy to Use:
      No clumsiness. A stamp & line, good to go.
    • Fits All Eye Shapes:

                No matter which eye shape you have, the cat-girl flick still looks flawless on your eyes.

      • Waterproof:
        Stays awesome in rainy days, it is also oil- & smudge-proof as we always are ready for any situation.


      • Ingredients: Water, iron oxide, jojoba oil (hardened), triglycerides (vegetable oil blend), vegetable oil (hydrogenated), shea butter, mica, canola oil, candelilla wax, glycerin fatty acid ester (plant origin), carnauba wax, vitamin e, sunflower oil, vitamin c
      • Color: Black
      • Net Weight: 4ml

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